La voix humaine

staging and set for Francis Poulenc’s monodrama – Conservatorium Gent (BE), June 2022


The young Belgian music theatre company OPERAWERF presents La voix humaine, a colourful monodrama by the French composer Francis Poulenc. The telephone rings. A woman answers it. Wrong number? Or her ex-lover? In the beginning the woman is strong and talks a lot. As the evening progresses, however, she looks deeper and deeper into the abyss.

Soprano Liza Dedapper performs the main role, accompanied by pianist Jelle Vastershaeghe and directed by Mien Bogaert. He interprets the character of Elle as a stilt walker with an own entertainment company. Feverishly, she tries to ban her ex-husband – and former business partner – from her life. Amidst of a desperate rebranding operation, she starts questioning her life as a performer.


Jelle Vastershaeghe, piano
Mien Bogaert, stage direction, set and costumes


Liza Dedapper, Elle
Ruth Devriendt, actress


June 28, 2022 at Conservatorium Ghent (BE)
July 16, 2022 at Theater Tinnenpot Ghent (BE)
July 17, 2022 at Theater Tinnenpot Ghent (BE)