libretto, staging and set for Benjamien Lycke’s opera – Theaterquartier Gaußstraße Hamburg (DE), December 2016


Branimir sees his homeland threatened by masses of foreigners flooding into Bulgaria unchecked in search of a safer and better life. Since neither the local government nor the European Union can be expected to help, he decides to take matters into his own hands. Together with his helper Rayko, he goes on a refugee hunt and then anonymously hands over the captured immigrants to the police. One day, however, things go seriously wrong: one of the hunted refugees is killed. Back home, Branimir also discovers that his kind-hearted wife Mariya is giving shelter to a girl, Rasha, who was separated from all those dear to her when she fled Syria. When it becomes clear that the murdered refugee was Rasha’s friend, things get out of hand …

Newspaper reports about a Bulgarian refugee hunter inspired Mien Bogaert (libretto) and Benjamien Lycke (composition) to write this short opera for four singers and a twenty-strong instrumental ensemble. What prompts someone to hunt down people fleeing from war? And are human encounters capable of shattering the worldview of this refugee hunter acting out of patriotism? The first version of CYCLOPS, a musical drama set on the external borders of Europe, was performed as a study project at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater Hamburg (DE) in early December 2016 and became second in the Stara Zagora International Opera Competition (BG).


Justus Tennie, conductor
Mien Bogaert, stage direction and set design
Dennis Peschke, costumes
Franziska Eisele, dramaturgy


Immanuel Klein, Branimir
Franziska Buchner, Mariy
Moritz Vieth, Rayko
Nivea Freitas, Rasha
Mostafa Ahmadi, Ingmar Grapenbrade, Eddy Harkess, Clemens Wolff, extras

Instrumentalists of the HfMT Hamburg


December 9, 2016 at Theaterquartier Gaußstraße Hamburg (DE)
Saturday 10, 2016 at Theaterquartier Gaußstraße Hamburg (DE)